Best Sports Brawl (2013)

Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers

It was at Chavez Ravine that former Diamondbacks starter Ian Kennedy hit two batters in apparent retaliation for Dodgers pitcher Zack Grienke hitting catcher Miguel Montero. Anyhow, the Dodgers took great umbrage at Kennedy's antics. So much so that they stormed the field and started whomping up on our beloved Snakes. There was much cold-cocking by the Dodgers. In fact, L.A. phenom Yasiel Puig, whom Kennedy beaned on the nose, went berserk. The guy just kept coming, and yelling. The Diamondbacks got the majority of the punishment from Major League Baseball in the melee. Kennedy was suspended for 10 games. And he should've been; the whole thing happened after he threw at Grienke's head, making the L.A. starter the second Dodger he'd hit that evening. Which brings us to Diamondbacks assistant hitting coach Turner Ward. He's the not-famous guy (has stubble to match Kirk Gibson's) furiously chomping away in the D-backs dugout all the time. Man, dude chews up a monsoon every night, and spits enough to fill Chase Field's swimming pool! Well, he got his ass handed to him by the Dodgers in that dugouts-clearing explosion of fists and fury. Almost literally. He's the guy you see in videos at the back of the throng of Arizona players who eventually gets upended over a railing after L.A. pitcher J.P. Howell put a headlock on him that'd make "Stone Cold" Steve Austin proud. Not to worry . . . the only thing injured was Turner's pride.


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