It might be the Valley's only vintage amusement park. With its cartoony medieval theme, Enchanted Island is the perfect setting for the refurbished 1948 Encanto Carousel from the original Kiddieland. It's also a perfect outing for families with little kids, because there are lots of rides and activities especially for them and their parents — kiddy cars, a tiny coaster, bumper boats, a train, the Splash Zone — and only a few exciting things they're too young or short to be allowed on. Castle Clash, a pair of opposing castles armed with water guns, targets, and water cannons, sounds especially fun. The option of paddle boats and canoes for older adventurers, as well as serene strolls, urban fishing, and picnicking in the larger park, make Enchanted Island a destination suitable for everybody. Single tickets, wristbands, and memorable birthday parties are all available.

Location Details

1202 W. Encanto Blvd.
Phoenix AZ 85007


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