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Best Place for Your Child to Get in Touch With His Inner Old MacDonald Phoenix 2000 - Duncan Family Farms

Happy Meals do not grow on trees.

Still, that horticultural fact of life comes as news to many of the young city slickers who visit this West Valley agro-attraction.

"Many of these kids don't have a clue," reports Kathleen Duncan, who, with her husband, Arnott, operates the working farm that includes an organically certified pick-it-yourself veggie patch and petting zoo. Prior to visiting her farm, says Duncan, some young'uns don't know the difference between a cow and a pig, assume that produce grows in the grocery store and have yet to make the connection between barnyard fowl running around the property and the fried poultry nuggets they gobble down at McDonald's.

Fun and educational, the farm also features tractor rides, a seasonal cornfield maze, a farm machinery museum and picnic facilities for birthday parties and other group events. Head west on I-10 toward Goodyear and look to your right for the billboard of a giant baby terrorizing some miniature farm folk, one of several fanciful pop-art pieces that dot the Duncans' acreage.

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We love to go to Superstition Farm. It is such a happy place and we love getting back to nature. We always take out of town guests there and they REALLY enjoy it. There is a petting zoo of farm animals, a hayride, a haymaze, questions and answers about farm life, milk and ice cream!


I prefer Superstition Farm..much cleaner and more things to do


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