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Best Real Arizona Buffalo Phoenix 2000 - The Arizona Kitchen
The Wigwam Resort - CLOSED

The Arizona KitchenThe Wigwam Resort

The Arizona Kitchen
The Wigwam Resort

300 Wigwam Blvd.

Litchfield Park, AZ 85340


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A long time ago, buffalo roamed the vast prairies of the West. Until someone killed most of them. Today, most people have to see their buffalo at the zoo.

But you can also find the beefy beast on the menu at the Arizona Kitchen, served in delicious glory. This buffalo is so good, it almost makes you understand why entire herds were once made into lunch meat. This buffalo, of course, is farm-raised -- it never knows it was born to run free.

The Kitchen takes a huge, juicy slab, slaps it on the grill and lays it in a pool of glamorous Cabernet vanilla bean chile negro sauce next to lip-smacking sweet-potato pudding.

The Kitchen's buffalo isn't just the other nice meat. It's a delicious little bit of the Old West, served in one of the state's oldest resorts.

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