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Best Record Store Staffed by Overeducated Underachievers Phoenix 2000 - Eastside Records

Eastside Records

Eastside Records

45 West Southern Avenue

Tempe, AZ 85282

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Remember High Fidelity, the Nick Hornby novel turned hit movie in which the plot revolves around the owner of an indie record store and his small staff of pop-culture professors? Well, if you didn't know better, you'd think the story was written about the malcontents working the counter at Tempe's Eastside Records. On any given day or night, Eastside's employee patter could encompass everything from the women-hating tendencies of multiplatinum gangstas like Chuck D. and their relation to Little Richard's debauched libido to which 1977 punk rock band was worse, the Drones or Slaughter and the Dogs. And much like Championship Vinyl, the fictional store in Hornby's story, Eastside Records harbors an exemplary selection of vinyl and CDs to back up its faculty's witty piss takes. God save Eastside Records!
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stephen green
stephen green

Evidently there is this guy named ballpark there who makes Chris Hansen feel skeered. And makes the rest of the staff feeel skeeered, WAY 2 GO GUIZE.