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Best Roadside Tribute to a Dead Singer Phoenix 2000 - John Denver memorial stretch of road

You've seen them as you drive along, those "Adopt-A-Highway" signs, usually featuring the name of a local anti-litter philanthropist.

But even jaded motorists will do a double take at the name emblazoned on several signs near the entrance to the Lost Dutchman State Park. Instead of bearing the names of the sponsoring do-gooders, these signs merely declare: "In loving memory of John Denver."

Yes, that John Denver. The "Rocky Mountain High" singer lived in the Rocky Mountains and died in 1997 when the plane he was piloting crashed near Monterey, California.

So why the Arizona tribute? Seems it's part of some fans' efforts to get John Denver Adopt-A-Highway signs -- and roadside cleanups -- in all 50 states.

Far out!

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Jeff Schwartz
Jeff Schwartz

As a very long time John Denver fan, I can explain thi for you!!!!!

John Denver (or Henry John Deutchendorf - the name he was born with - but Randy Sparks suggeted that he change this name becasue it would not fit on a 45 record!!!) was the son of one of the very first Air Force pilots - when teh Air Force was formed from the Army Air Corps. John Deutchendorf set 3 air speed records. His call sign was "Dutch". Dutch died in 1982 - was considered to be "lost" when on the ground.