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Best Albóndigas Phoenix 2001 - Via DeLosantos Mexican Food and Lounge

Via DeLosantos Mexican Food and Lounge

Via DeLosantos Mexican Food and Lounge

9120 N. Central Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85020


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Albóndigas is fun to say. When prepared properly, it's even better to eat. The base is simple, really, just a long-simmered blend of beef stock, red pepper, tomatoes, chiles, and herbs like cilantro, basil and oregano. But at Via DeLosantos, this orange-colored soup is terrific -- light, clean and kicky with spice. It's crowded with all the right partners, too: chunks of sweet carrot, celery and onion, a smattering of rice, and, of course, meatballs. These meatballs aren't meager, either. Forget the stingy one, two, maybe three little balls served elsewhere. Here, they take center stage, the large herby orbs dotted with rice and soaking up broth like tasty sponges.

At Via DeLosantos, it's pronounced albóndigaaaahs.

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Don't waste your money going to Via Delosantos. I used to live up the street from there & my husband & I wanted to make it a local hangout. In the five times we had eaten there, we had one experience where the service was good. All other times, the server went through the motions, often devoid of interest. The food was always average, just enough to pay to get out of the house and hang there. Today just brought my opinion way down. After getting done telling my sister that the food is OK & that we almost always have horrible service, I gave it one more chance. The hostess put our menus on the table and walked away without looking at us, the server barely looked us in the eye (cultural thing maybe?), slammed our plates down and darted towards the kitchen (how about, how does this look? Do you need anything else?), brought out the wrong side (she ordered rice, got beans), had the nerve to ask "Are you allergic to beans or something?" "Uhhh, no, I ordered rice." (Why is that relevant?), & THERE WERE SEVEN FLIES ON THE WINDOW NEXT TO US THAT KEPT HOVERING OVER OUR FOOD. I know it's Mexican food, but we felt like we were in Mexico! I would rather see a fly strip with dead flies on it than have live ones landing on my food. My sister got so disgusted, I whipped out my card so we could get the hell out of there. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!