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Best Belly-busting Burger Phoenix 2001 - Segal's Kosher Foods

Segal\'s Kosher Foods

Segal's Kosher Foods

4818 N. Seventh St.

Phoenix, AZ 85014


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Big Mac? Ha, that wouldn't even begin to put a dent in our appetites. No, when we want the beef, we want the beef.

Segal's stops us in our tracks, with sandwiches that stretch even the biggest stomachs. The quarter-pound and half-pound burgers are simply warm-ups. The battle burger, a half-pound of meat topped with hot pastrami, starts the competition. But the full one-pound burger has us waving our white flag. It's all juicy, cooked to order, topped with whatever we choose and served with French fries and coleslaw.

We've found the beef, and it's at Segal's.

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