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Best Hair Stylist Phoenix 2001 - Michelle Lombardi Applause Salon

Michelle Lombardi knows hair. She'll quickly assess yours and, in short order, can turn what might be a mop into a functional, optimally attractive 'do. Michelle offers cuts based on what looks best on you, not on her latest whim, and her always-flattering cuts grow out nicely, too. We know people who fly in from L.A. and San Francisco every few months just for one of Michelle's trim jobs (you know she's good if you can't find a better hairdresser in San Francisco). The added bonus? Unlike many of the people in her profession, Michelle is a charming, down-to-earth working mom who won't trouble you with grating gossip or ask you to be her personal therapist while she's snipping your split ends.
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Michelle can be found at "Hair by Michelle".480-990-9922

Bette Long
Bette Long

I know that Michelle Lombardi is no longer with Applause. She has her own hair salon now. How can I find her? Thank you.