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Best Bargain For High-End Clothing Phoenix 2002 - Last Chance Bargain Shoes & Apparel

Last Chance Bargain Shoes & Apparel

Last Chance Bargain Shoes & Apparel

1919 E. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85016


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Materialist hell on Earth is having good taste without the means to acquire good things. Well, enlightened losers, now you can have your career passions while still wearing Cole Haans. Welcome to Last Chance, the final resting place of all the stuff Nordstrom couldn't sell for what it was almost worth.

If you don't mind the swap-meet frazzle, and you are mindful of watching for flaws, you can make a killing here. It's not uncommon to pay $29 for shoes here that are selling for $130 within a mile of the store. Ten-dollar shirts are $50 anywhere else.

Again, though, being smart is the key. Most every Last Chance aficionado has reveled in a purchase only to find a hidden tear or stain at home.

After all, Last Chance isn't just a name, it's a dire warning. But it's also a challenge.

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Barbara G. Lewis
Barbara G. Lewis

My sister bought a pink billowing raincoat from Last Chance about 5 years ago and I would like to find one just like it . Do you have a catalog or could you send me via e mail some of your raincoat selections?