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Best Cookies Phoenix 2002 - Chocolate Star Bakery

Chocolate Star Bakery

Chocolate Star Bakery

7132 E. Mercer lane

Scottsdale, AZ 85254


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We're choosy about our cookies. None of the prefab, out-of-a-bag stuff for us, thank you. We want fresh-baked, with only the finest all-natural ingredients. And this is exactly what we've found at Chocolate Star, where the ovens are always on and the larder is always stocked with delights like Ghirardelli chocolate, fresh whole eggs, Arizona pecans, real butter, black strap molasses, old-fashioned oats and plump raisins. We can buy a dozen cookies for us, or baskets with coffee for gift giving. The selection is short but oh so sweet: royal chocolate chip, spicy ginger crisps, oatmeal raisin, pecan sandies, double fudge, peanut butter, snickerdoodles and mocha coco. For choosy cookie chewers like us, the choice is clear -- Chocolate Star shines.

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I bought the chocolate chip cookies based upon a recommendation of a friend who knows the owner. I was disappointed. Didn't like it and gave the rest to my kids after school. They both took a bite and didn't finish their cookies!! Maybe it was a bad day, but at $1 a small cookie, I'm not going back. Our favorites are from Paradise Bakery..always good cookies.


THE BEST COOKIES EVER!!!!! I eat healthy all the time and I will cheat on my diet any day for their cranberry white chocolate chip cookies, or their sugar cookies or their oatmeal raisin, okay for any of their cookies. Try the cupcakes too, AMAZING!!!!