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Best Piñata Shop Phoenix 2002 - Reyna's Party Place

There's no better way to relieve stress than to bash the shit out of someone with a large stick, and you can do this legally at Reyna's Party Place. With a few days' advance notice, and for around $25, Reyna's people can provide you with a custom-made pi?ata -- just bring in a photo or a description of the character you would like to create. Stuff the offender with tiny plastic airplane bottles of scotch and beat your papier-mâché nemesis into a newsprint-and-crepe-paper pulp. Reyna's also rents bouncy castles, helium tanks, tables, chairs and other festive necessities, including mini-handcuffs and stink bombs.
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Necesito una pinata custom made para el sabado y queria saber mas o menos el presio van a haber como 10 ninos solamente entonces nesesito una pinata mediana o chica pero la quiero media paresida a la cumpleanera ella esta cumpliendo su 1st birthday entonces espero su e-mail pronto aqui esta la photo de ella. es la nina de verde. Grasias


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