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Best Spot For An Impromptu Wet Tee Shirt Contest Phoenix 2002 - Vista del Camino Park's sprinkler playground

Vista del Camino Park\'s sprinkler playground

Vista del Camino Park's sprinkler playground

7700 E. Roosevelt St.

Scottsdale, AZ 85257


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For those of us forbidden to run through the sprinkler when we were children (for fear that -- heaven help us -- we'd smush up the lawn), this small playground on Scottsdale's greenbelt, just northwest of the Hayden-Roosevelt intersection, is the stuff of wet dreams.

Sundry streams shoot from the trunk of a plastic palm tree and from a fish tail sticking straight up into the sky. Kids small and tall can jump through two squirting hoops, dodge half a dozen geysers rising from the concrete and get face-to-face with a bulbous pirate's head, whose nostril nozzles are more than a little creepy.

One consideration: Before you turn your Sunday stroll into a Warrant video remake, please, think of the children. The park's only open during daylight hours, after all.

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