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BEST FM MYSTERY MAN Phoenix 2003 - Ted Tucker, KCDX-FM 103.1

You'll never hear Ted Tucker's voice on KCDX -- or any other DJ's, for that matter. But for the past 18 months, this shy former pharmacist has simply been playing his favorite couple thousand old album tracks, totally commercial-free, from a 2,700-watt tower located somewhere between Superior and Globe -- and in the process creating a delicious radio mystery that's had the whole East Valley talking. Whatever Tucker's doing, and why he's doing it, he's already etching himself a place in Phoenix's colorful broadcast history right alongside William Edward Compton and Johnny D., characters defined more by the daring of their experiments than by anything they actually said on the air.

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I just discovered this station while driving home the other day - great music, but I wish he could somehow increase the signal strength. It comes in and out on my car radio - mostly out. And having no manual "knob" to turn any more, I am at the mercy of the strength of the signal at that particular time and location as to whether my radio will even stop on 103.1 while it seeks a channel. One of these days I'll read the manual and figure out how to set it on one of the select buttons.

Thanks, Ted!!!!!