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BEST GOLF WEB SITE Phoenix 2003 -

You try to concentrate on work, but the e-mail you just received keeps haunting you. You could play Johnson Ranch for $10? Gold Canyon for $15? Eagle Mountain for $23? Why the hell are you still sitting at this desk? At those prices, it seems immoral not to knock off and go golf.

The e-mails come daily from Cypress Golf Solutions, the creators of, a Web site that serves as a clearinghouse for hundreds of daily tee-time discounts in the Valley.

You just go to the Web site and answer several questions about where you want to play, what times you like to play and how much you're willing to pay. Then, every day, you are sent an e-mail listing the tee times and discounted prices that fit your criteria.

Once you're signed up, you get an e-mail listing of an average of 20 to 30 open tee times at numerous Valley golf courses at savings typically ranging from 50 to 70 percent.

Sundance and Bear Creek for $10. The Arizona Biltmore for $25. Phantom Horse for $15. The discounts make Phoenix-area golf once again affordable for Phoenix-area residents.

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Carlene E Brown
Carlene E Brown

Forgot to mention our dates in Phoenix!March 23 arrival and April 3 departure

Carlene E Brown
Carlene E Brown

We are flexible for locations in the Phoenix area.We would also play 9 holes or executive courses, but have played Eagle Mountain, Phoeneician, EstrellaMountain Ranch, Willdfire, Raven,Dove Valley,Las Sendas, Legacy,Gainey Ranch and enjoyed them.We are flexible for payments in the $40-50 range,but would consider lower and possibly higher.


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