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BEST WAITING ROOM Phoenix 2003 - Chester's Garage

We're hoping something goes wrong with our old flivver soon just so we have an excuse to visit the waiting room at Chester's Garage. This is not your average repair shop. The owners specialize in restoration and repair of antique cars, even carrying Model A parts in stock.

But what makes us notice Chester's is the picture window facing Seventh Avenue that encases an amazing collection of 10 or so antique cars in a makeshift museum, some dating to the late 1910s. Chester's works on modern cars, too, and has been in business for 32 years. While your car is being fixed, you can replace the usual perusal of last month's Sports Illustrated with a waltz around some amazing pieces of automotive history.

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my name is jerry jess at the show you had a few weeks ago a camera crew took a video of our 1967 hippy van it is to be shown on closed circut TV Please is the any way i can get a copy of that video showing Bessie please

jerry jess3121 east yucca stphoenix. az., 85028-2616602-867-7672