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A National Public Radio affiliate by day, KJZZ transforms into a chilled-out jazz station at the workweek witching hour of 7 p.m. Dominating the night is "Acoustic Jazz," a mix of jazz classics and newer traditional tracks, with silky-voiced local diva Blaise Lantana hosting the earlier segment and Paul Anderson, Michele Robins, Steve Conrad and Phil Pollard taking over in later slots. There's no time for the blues until the weekend, but two locally produced shows, Drew Verbis' Blues and Beyond, and Rhythm Room impresario Bob Corritore's Those Lowdown Blues (now in its 20th year), are always worth the wait. Readers' Choice: KJZZ-FM 91.5

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enjoy the news talk in the AM.,.but, why the same stuff every 1/2 hour? Friday Morning I heard it 4 time before 9 AM....ugh! please keep the Jazz on in the evening.Blaze Is how she presens her pogram...Love Mchelle as well.Have to have the music in the evening.

richard bridgeforth
richard bridgeforth

just thought I would let Phoenix know that Yuma will be giving its first jazz festival November 10th, 2007 at Gateway Park (go to for further info). it will be an all day event starting at 10:00 a.m until 11:00 p.m.artist performing will be Nils, Rebecca Kleinmann, Pete Pancrazi, Yuma Jazz Company, Groove Jones, and Standing Room Only.

Siouxz Sebek
Siouxz Sebek

The Travelin' Bluesman (The Ballad of Gypsy Jack) - The Travelin' Bluesman is a one of a kind unsung blues legend who's travels are documented on his first release on Galactic Records. The son of Bud Tyree (Tyree & CO.), The Travelin' Bluesman began his life-long journey with the blues as young child. Under the covers of his bed along with his transistor radio, his future with the blues was set forth. As he searched the radio dial for AM 600 (WTAC - Rock), the young bluesman had what he describes as a bone chilling experience when he stumbled across " I ain't superstitious" by Blues legend Howlin' Wolf. From that day forward the musical destiny of The Travelin' Bluesman was set forth. Rock and Roll also shaped his musical repertoire, and he claims influence from Rock Legends like Eric Clapton, Lynard Skynard and The Allman Bros. On the Blues side it was B.B. King, Howlin' Wolf and many, many others he had come across on his travels. The Travelin' Bluesman is an authentic blues artist who performs with only his Budweiser Beer Crate Amplifier which he hand crafted from a 20 watt Pignose Amplifier and his guitar. The Travelin' Bluesman has the ability to capture the immediate attention of any crowd. A self proclaimed drifter, he is never happier than when he is drifting from place to place, playing his music and meeting new personalities which shape the landscape of his musical ideas. His first release The Ballad of Gypsy Jack is now available and paints a masterful musical tapestry for the listener. The first track on the Album is "The Ballad of Gypsy Jack", a track in which the Bluesman describes his relationship with Flint legend Gypsy Jack, a person he credits talking him out of doing something that would have ruined his life forever. The first track on the album is a dedication to his now departed friend. Later on the record, on the track "What Must I Do?", the bluesman captivates the listener with his polished voice and gently moving riff. On the final track of the record "Broken, Bent & Twisted", the Bluesman tells the tale of how he became the legend he now is, and how all of these years of drifting from place to place has shaped his sound and taken it's toll on his body. The Travelin' Bluesman is a true undiscovered Blues Legend. When he first arrived at Sheehan Sound Engineering it took exactly one song to realize the presence of true greatness. The Travelin' Bluesman doesn't put on any show, as the songs he sings and the person he is on stage is his life. Unlike other artists who have a stage show, put on a face for the gig, The Travelin' Bluesman is only himself when he takes the stage. This authentic Blues Artist blows others off the stage equipped only with his guitar and the gifts he was instilled with at a younger age as he searched the dial of his transistor radio. The Travelin' Bluesman has made his definitive statement on his first release, and it is safe to say, the sky is now the limit!

Catch a ONE Night Appearence at Williams Sultana Steak301 Route 66 Friday night June 29th 8pm-10pmAutographs after concert and Pleanty of CD's


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