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BEST JAPANESE DOLLAR STORE Phoenix 2004 - Banzai 99 Cent Plus

The first time we walked into this central Phoenix bargain mecca, we were torn between the wall of pink plastic Hello Kitty goods and the table stacked with tastefully glazed Japanese pottery. But then it dawned on us that we can fill our basket with both, with cash to spare. This is no ordinary dollar store -- indeed, most items are actually marked $1.29. But we were struck more by the unusual merchandise than by the odd pricing. The majority of the stuff at Banzai is Japanese. So along with the typical household items you'd expect, there are also colorful, cartoony stationery and pen sets, beauty accessories like body scrubbing towels and eyelash curlers, and kitchen items galore, from sushi rice paddles to ginger graters.

Hello Kitty!

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If you find your way to Phoenix, there's Banzai 99 Cent Plus at 527 West McDowell Road. 


What is the point of telling me about a great store if you don't bother telling me where the hell it is? It's just stupid!