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BEST LAMB SHANK Phoenix 2004 - Baghdad Restaurant

Co-owners/chefs/cousins Rasul Alramahy and Ali Alhachami put every other restaurant in Phoenix to shame with their lamb and rice plate. For about the same as it costs to eat at some fast-food grease factory in town, their Iraqi eatery will serve you a heaping plate of rice, topped with a shank of lamb that can best many a plate of osso buco. The lamb falls off the bone if you as much as look at it cross-eyed, and the bone's marrow is soft and delectable. The lamb meat itself is savory and moist, and along with the meal comes a serving of round Iraqi flatbread, similar to Indian naan. A cup of chicken/lentil soup akin to Indian daal is also free with the combo. What else could you ask for in an Iraqi joint? Terrific baklava? Chicken kebabs that kick butt? Well, they've got that covered too, buddy. So get your fanny over there, pronto.

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Rasul  AL-Ramahy
Rasul AL-Ramahy

This is not the real Baghdad Restaurant on 51st ave and Bethany Home the Restaurant never ever moved There... Rasul AL-Ramahy the creator from that Restaurant name He 's not here anymore, He went back to Iraq , The Restaurant on 37th ave and Camelback was the original one and a Very Good Taste because Rasul was there On the Summer of 2001 When was the Grand Opening for Baghdad Restaurant, But He went to Iraq since 2004 so the Restaurant it's closed since he left. For more Information email me... I am Rasul from Iraq God Bless Iraq and USA Salam Aleykom from Iraq to All. ��


The restaurant moved to 51st Ave and Bethany Home Road, Phoenix. It serves the best kabob in the area too. Good food, good price, hospitality... what else would you want in a restaurant? You should try lentil soup. It is cooked with a special spice brought all the way from Iraq. The tea is served with sugar in it, so please let them know id you don't use sugar for your tea. It's black tea, but it dies not taste