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BEST PIÑATAS Phoenix 2004 - Sanchez & Sons Printing

Sanchez & Sons Printing

Sanchez & Sons Printing

1234 E. Washington St.

Phoenix, AZ 85034


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The youngster's B-Day is drawing nigh and he's been clamoring for a fancy-pants pi?ata, but no rainbow-colored donkey or bull will suffice this time around (especially after that Juicy Fruit commercial had him sleeping in your bed for weeks). He's already prepped a short list of the usual suspects -- Batman, Clifford, Yu-Gi-Oh!.

So you head to Sanchez & Sons Printing, where the kindly shopkeeper gives you the option of a custom-made creation or choosing from their vast selection of cartoon heroes. You consider an impressive Nemo-esque clownfish or a badass-looking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, before settling on a SpongeBob effigy.

The good news: SpongeBob won't be around for long -- at least, not in his current form. The bad news: You'll be picking pieces of him off the lawn for months.

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