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BEST PLACE TO GET THE BIRD Phoenix 2004 - The Flight of Phoenix

Alleviate the empty nest syndrome at The Flight of Phoenix, the pet project of Dale and Steve Madonick. Since 1996, the Flight folks have sought "to provide the finest in understanding and care for tropical birds." Services range from boarding and grooming to behavior modification, while the shop's finest feathered friends include macaws, caiques and parrots aplenty. A quick breakdown: Amazon parrots are "the world's best talking parrots and the best pet birds," cockatoos rank as "the most physically affectionate parrots," and African grays "the most intelligent conversationalist" . . .

The question isn't "Do they talk?" The question is "What do they talk about?" Even for non-bird lovers, the store's Web site is both educational (where else would we have learned that the hyacinth macaw is "the most bird money can buy"?) and entertaining (photos of birds lounging on La-Z-Boys).

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My whole message did not go through. Dale & Steven Madonick are dangerous evil people. Yes, they are very charming, knowledgable, and intelligent, but so is Satan. Their goal is to manipulate and use people as their puppets. They are also heavy into the occult and Santaria. These are very bad people...Please do not let your children get a summer time job at "The Flight Of Phoenix" playing with the birdies. You may never speak to your child again...


Dale and Steven are a couple of Felons that are running from the law in Boca Raton & Deerfield beach Florida. Just before they flew to Phoenix, Dale was arrested at the airport for illegally signing stolen prescription pads and filling them. They are also being investigated for kidnapping in Florida, and multiple charges of insurance fraud.


Are you kidding me?! Man, did you get fooled, like me and many others though...Look at the complaints filed with the better bussiness bureau as well as Phoenix Police Department. They have stolen birds being boarded, and some folks eventually got them back, others were not so lucky. They are as pathelogical and strung out as they come in reality. But Steve and Dale put up a good front and are knowledgeable. You're just apt to get screwed though,esp. if you cross them. I have been in there when they are smoking cigerettes in the store exposing the poor birds who ahve no choice about it. A bird I bought for fifteen hundred died of a lung disease within six months, and of course they were furious that I came back with concerns and wanted a reduced price for a new parrot. Word to the wise-stay away!!


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