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BEST PLACE TO SEE A DRAG RACE Phoenix 2004 - SCO Nights at Firebird International Raceway - CLOSED

SCO Nights at Firebird International Raceway

SCO Nights at Firebird International Raceway

20000 S. Maricopa Road

Chandler, AZ 85226


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Firebird's Sports Compact Only events, usually held on the last Saturday of each month, are the soft-core version of the illegal street drags that have become harder and harder to find on the over-patrolled streets of Phoenix. Stunnas show off their tricked-out body kits and flaming decals, booming sound systems compete with the roar of NOS-supercharged engines on the track, and bootylicious babes bounce around on a parking lot stage competing for the title of Miss Dream Body. If it all feels too much like a pre-fab Fast and Furious package, just follow a few of the older muscle car guys out of the parking lot after midnight. There's always a 'Vette driver or two who can't resist putting the "ricers" to shame with their souped-up V-8s.

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