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BEST WAY TO CHASE THE BREAK-DANCING SCENE Phoenix 2004 - Furious Stylez Crew or Footklan

Until recently, the Urban Styles Dance Studio at Tempe's Mill Towne Center was the place to see and be schooled in popping and locking, breaking and capoeira from the Valley's best-known b-boys and girls. Regrettably, the studio closed over the summer because of a lack of support. "Break-dancing's not a studio thing here," laments former manager Hutton Peck. "It's more underground."

To find break-dancing in Phoenix now, Peck suggests hooking up with one of the Valley's premier crews, whose members teach the skills in order to fund their own. Furious Stylez Crew, led by b-boy community leader House, holds break-dancing classes at different studios, like Destiny Dance and Plum, several nights a week -- but locations change regularly. On the west side, Footklan conducts break-dancing lessons Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at Khalid's Martial Arts studio. Call House at Furious Stylez or Derrick at Footklan for information on where the Valley's hottest crews are throwing down any given week.

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Hey, I'm just wantin to know how to get in contact with one of these people. I have always been into hip hop and bboying. I went into classes but they didn't seem serious about it. I tried teaching myself and that didn't work either. I love dancing so I want to get in touch with someone really good that can mentor me and teach me how to be good.