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BEST BARGAIN CLOTHES Phoenix 2005 - Last Chance Bargain Shoes & Apparel

Last Chance Bargain Shoes & Apparel

Last Chance Bargain Shoes & Apparel

1919 E. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85016


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This Best of Phoenix is brought to you by a metrosexual man in Mephisto shoes, Bugachi shirt and Indigo Palms jeans. Suggested retail: $590. Last Chance price: $59. That's a 90 percent discount, just about average for this clearinghouse dive for leftovers, returns and misfit dolls from the nation's Nordstrom department stores.

Yes, it is a dive, something akin to a Tuscaloosa swap meet on hillbilly heroin. But take heart, because beyond the grabby bitches, both male and female, there is still a majority of civilized bargain shoppers. The Last Chance experience can be fun if accepted as camp, or slumming, or even whoring for the greater good. And dangit, for a Mr. Metrosexy, looking this good for $59 may be the greatest good there is.

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ok shut up MIA because you just sound like a stuck snob this store had really cute prom dresses when i shopped there last yr so we are all driving 4 hrs again hoping to once again be impressed by these discount prices on wonderful dresses i got three for under $60 so what now?


Yes, there are bargains to be had at this store, but nobody has mentioned that is is about the same quality -- sometimes WORSE -- than Goodwill! I was shopping at Last Chance today and the merchandise was JUNK, stuff a homeless person wouldn't even accept for free! Dresses had huge holes in the fabric, one shirt had an entire sleeve torn off, jeans were soiled and shoes were so well worn that they had holes in the soles! This stuff is nasty, and they want you to pay $40 for a pair of shoes that somebody else has had their stinky feet in! Disgusting! I'm sorry, but brand names just aren't worth this poor quality merchandise. Save up your money and go buy a nice new item at a department store.