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BEST CASINO BUFFET Phoenix 2005 - Verde River Buffet at Fort McDowell Casino

Verde River Buffet at Fort McDowell Casino

Verde River Buffet at Fort McDowell Casino

10424 N. Fort McDowell Road

Fort Mcdowell, AZ 85264


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When the phrase "casino buffet" passes through your cranium, your gray matter is instantly populated with scores of classy folk chain-smoking Parliament Lights 100s and hoping for a big win at bingo. But Fort McDowell Casino, operated by the Yavapai Nation, actually makes an effort to do things a little differently from other gambling spots, and this extends to its international buffet, which eschews the usual not-ready-for-prime-time rib and rubber chicken Parmesan for authentic Indian, French, seafood and Italian selections.

The Indian section -- as in the country, not America's original inhabitants -- is the most surprising and rewarding, with rotating selections like a stew of lamb, fenugreek and green peas that would not be out of place at a buffet in a South Asian eatery. And there's the spicy "okra in yogurt" that's just as tasty. The Italian section might offer veal Milanese or spaghetti and clam sauce. The French? Pork loin in sherry and/or lyonnaise potatoes. There are also crab legs in butter, fried catfish fillets, a near-pristine salad bar, and a dessert section with bread pudding, cinnamon cake and cream puffs. Yeah, thanks to "The Fort," casino buffets aren't just for geezers anymore.

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Randy Matthews
Randy Matthews

You are out of your minds! The food at Fort Mcdowell used to be great. The quality has consistantly diminished over the years. It's as bad as the bands they have playing. Same thing happened to the live music there!