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BEST CHEAP THRILL Phoenix 2005 - Bobby's Rock Trail, Echo Canyon Recreation Area

Bobby\'s Rock Trail, Echo Canyon Recreation Area

Bobby's Rock Trail, Echo Canyon Recreation Area

5950 N. Echo Canyon Parkway

Paradise Valley, AZ 85253


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There are few breathtaking views in town to be had as easily as the one from Echo Canyon. Around here, getting high enough up a mountain to get a panoramic view tends to involve hiking for miles, purchasing a $12 cocktail, or even finding a sugar daddy. (How else are you going to buy that manse in Paradise Valley, real estate being what it is?) But this perfect little spot alongside Camelback Mountain does the trick for free. If you can walk a quarter-mile, you're at the summit. And what a vista! The only catch: You're not the only one who can't find a sugar daddy, and so parking is limited. On weekends, expect to find a line of cars waiting for a space.
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