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BEST CUP OF COFFEE ON GRAND Phoenix 2005 - Paisley Violin European Cafe - CLOSED

Paisley Violin European Cafe

Paisley Violin European Cafe

1030 Grand Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85007


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We liked Paisley Violin when it was on Roosevelt Street, but now that it's on Grand, we're in love. We're not sure what it is -- the owners are the same, the place looks similar, if a little less dingy -- but still low-rent enough to make the grungiest scenester happy. Maybe it's Pete Deise's metalwork (his studio's nearby) or the fact that there are actually people inhabiting a business on Grand Avenue on a Wednesday afternoon in August. The location is perfect, truly walking distance (even by a Phoenician's standards) from some of the best new galleries popping up along this diagonal strip. We can't wait to go back.
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