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BEST DOG PARK, TEMPE Phoenix 2005 - Mitchell Park

Mitchell Park

Mitchell Park

900 S. Mitchell Drive

Tempe, AZ 85281


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We're fashionable folk, but even we need to dress up to visit Tempe's favorite dog park. The leash-free zone is a hipster haven. These scenesters may look pissed off when you see them at a coffee shop or an art gallery, but they are still good mommies and daddies to their cute wittle puppies. Make no mistake: Taking the pup out to socialize and play doesn't mean compromising these twentysomethings' style. Frisbee attire includes heels, hats and asymmetrical skirts. Makeup is a must. A few chic dog lovers can handle the early morning, despite a late night at Hot Pink!, but even at 6 a.m., eyeliner is a must.

The dogs don't seem to care either way. If you're looking for some hot bitches, check this park.

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