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BEST HEAD SHOP Phoenix 2005 - High Society

High Society

High Society

9204 N. Seventh St.

Phoenix, AZ 85034


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One of the few independent businesses that has survived Sunnyslope is High Society, a "smoke 'n' stuff" shop that has sat in the same strip mall for 21 years. Sure, other smoke shops -- especially the big chains -- have more pop culture kitsch, like Korn posters and porcelain ashtrays with pot leaves on them.

But this is the place that sold posters of The Cramps and T.S.O.L. back in '85. And when it comes to, uh, tobacco paraphernalia, High Society's original collection of glass bongs, hookahs, bubblers and hand pipes remains the most colorful, smooth-hitting, and reasonably priced in the Valley. High Society even has a guy who blows custom glass pieces on Fridays, and a "black light room" for your viewing pleasure.

As far as we're concerned, High Society smokes the competition.

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this used to be my favorite shop. bought a product which does not work. Store owner will refund or replace. lousy customer service


I've been working at High Society for the past 5 months now. We are the last High Society that is currently open. And i have to say that the selection here is awesome. It now has a new owner Paul Mcbride who blows most of everything in the shop and also does custom work for those who want something special. I recommend High Society over pretty much any smoke shop here....the diversity sets it apart from any other head shop.