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BEST JUNKYARD Phoenix 2005 - Ecology Auto Parts

Ecology Auto Parts

Ecology Auto Parts

320 S. 27th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85009


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Where can you shop in the Valley where destroying the inventory to get at something you want isn't against the rules? The Ecology Auto Parts junkyard, that's where. This used car parts oasis features the usual next-to-nothing customer service, car parts infested with bird feces, and shoppers covered in greasy oil. What distinguishes Ecology from the other guys is the organization. Yes, we said an organized junkyard. For just $1, navigate along the wide footpaths and into the well-marked bays of old junk heaps, prearranged into four categories: Ford/Lincoln/Mercury; Chevrolet/Geo; Dodge/Chrysler; and Imports, a section that includes BMWs and limited SUVs. Parts for '60s vehicles are rare; pieces of '70s autos are easier to come by; and junked cars from the '80s to the present are abundant, especially if you're looking for parts for your Geo Metro or your Chevy truck. Ecology also has a car and scrap metal buying program, and it's open pretty much all the time, barring Christmas Day. Get junking.
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John Prue
John Prue

An organized junkyard does seem pretty nifty. It can help one in searching through the junk. Who knows? You might find some cool parts that can still be restored.


Hi,I'm going to Phoenix on the 9th of April and will stay three days. During this time I will try to get contact to used sparepart dealers to deal with in the future as I have my own American cars workshop in Germany.At the moment I'm looking to get a complete front panel incl. headlights to fit my own 1986 Caprice wagon. I would take these parts with me when I'm staying in Phoenix.Would be great to get a reply.Christian

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