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BEST MINI CACTUS TOUR Phoenix 2005 - The Barry Goldwater Memorial

The Barry Goldwater Memorial

The Barry Goldwater Memorial

E. Lincoln Drive

Paradise Valley, AZ 85253


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We love the Desert Botanical Garden, but not everyone has enough passion for cactus to make it through a two-hour tour. Which is why Paradise Valley's Barry Goldwater Memorial is so damn cool. Not only does it feature a big bronze version of the father of American conservatism himself, but it's got a great variety of succulents, each painstakingly attended and identified by plaque. At the Goldwater memorial, you can stroll along the little dirt path and see most of the botanical garden's highlights for free, including agave, two types of barrel cactus, ocotillo, and even a boojum tree, which looks like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book but really hails from Baja California. It's the perfect intro to desert plant life.
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