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BEST MUSIC ON A SCHOOL NIGHT Phoenix 2005 - Hollywood Alley - CLOSED

Hollywood Alley

Hollywood Alley

2610 W. Baseline Road

Mesa, AZ 85202


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Without a doubt, Hollywood Alley has consistently good live music, from hardcore to Americana, on any night of the week. But the past several months have brought a lot more workweek excitement to break up the daily grind. First, Dumperfoo and Emerg McVay's Thursday night Blunt Club arrived. And just this past July, Vodka Tonic Media got on board with its own ongoing Tuesday night party, Gimme Danger, with indie bands and DJs to please the underground rock crowd. It's nice to see an old favorite like Hollywood Alley taking some chances. So take a risk yourself, and sneak out on a school night.
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