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Pecos Lounge

Pecos Lounge

851 S. Arizona Ave.

Chandler, AZ 85225


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A thought struck us the other day as we sipped a rum and Coke while maxing and relaxing inside this, our newest favorite watering hole: This place is definitely chill. Maybe it's all the fans and vents blasting freezy freshness throughout this darkened shelter from the sun, or perhaps it's the refreshing specialty drinks like the Blue Lagoon (a breezy blend of vodka, curaçao and pineapple juice), imbibed by all the wild regulars who slide on in during the cool-as-ice Latin Night Thursdays, with DJs spinning salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and American oldies. It's also pretty groovalicious that the owners keep things spic-and-span here, reminding their staff (via a Magic Markered sign over the register) to refrain from eating sunflower seeds at the bar and to "Clean, clean, all ways [sic] clean." We don't care if they can't spell here. We love 'em anyway.
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CatCalls2010 Jugg’z: The Sweetest Biker Bar In Town

Okay. Now that I have a minute between long pour, clean drinks and kicking butt on the pool tables, I can confirm that Jugg’z is everything I was hoping for but never found in a Chandler bar. Until Shelly and now.

Jugg’z (formerly Pecos Lounge) is everything and more. ·Clean, ice-cold beer and full measure mixed drinks.·Really, really good prices.·Genuinely solid, real people (customers and staff) ·Smooth, consistently maintained pool tables and other bar toys. ·An impressively “sounds good in every spot in the joint” sound system. ·A variety of excellent weekend live bands. ·A parking lot with no hoodlums or broken glass. ·A Chandler business with a social conscience that is acted upon. (God bless!)·Biker friendly but not biker only.·Absolutely welcoming and safe for women. Without question. ·A joint filled with good men and gracious women who accept stray cats.·And still……a line of bikes outside that’s so beautiful I have to stop to catch my breath every time they come into view.

Yes. The bar Gods have smiled on Chandler. (Specifically, the NE corner of Arizona Ave and Pecos Rd).Stop reading. Go, go, go.

This cat calls Jugg’z my sweet spot.