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BEST PLACE TO BUY A BIRDHOUSE Phoenix 2005 - Weathered Wonders

Weathered Wonders

Weathered Wonders

1126 E. Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85014


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Your garden needs one of David Bruce's birdhouses. Bruce makes each of his avian abodes by hand, in a shop in the back of his central Phoenix store, from old wood, doorknobs, pieces of tin, and whatever else he scavenges from abandoned buildings and alleys. Some are made in the manner of English cottages, others like Spanish mission churches, and still others sport the minimal lines of mid-century modern ranch houses. Birds seldom get to occupy these dwellings, though. These houses are objets d'art, too nice to mess up with wren poop. Bruce also makes garden furniture, and dog and cat houses. He says he has customers who have dozens of his birdhouses in their gardens and homes, and they still come into his shop to buy more. "For some people, these birdhouses are like Lay's potato chips," he says. "They can't buy just one."
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susan gaynor
susan gaynor

we are having a GCA flower show/spring fling fundraiserin May..found one of your houses in Denver..the cathedral and thought they would make great buyable table arrangements..could we purchase20 or so at cost..and how do I see what you have..couldn't quite navigate this sight to find anything! thanks so much..