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BEST PLACE TO BUY ART SUPPLIES Phoenix 2005 - Arizona Art Supply

Arizona Art Supply

Arizona Art Supply

118 W. Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85034


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Often, when we ask friends and colleagues for a recommendation for a particular "Best of," we're overwhelmed with choices and a lot of hemming and hawing. After all, there are a lot of places in this town where you can get a good margarita. But when we asked about art supplies, the answer came back quickly, always the same, and from professional artists as well as neophytes: Arizona Art Supply.

The masses have spoken, and they're right. Nowhere else in the Valley can you find the selection and quality of supplies -- as well as professional advice to go along with them -- as at Arizona Art Supply. There are now locations in Scottsdale and Tempe, along with the well-known spot in the center of town, or you can order online.

All we ask is that you thank us profusely in your "artist's statement."

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I always think this best of is rigged. The are several other art supply stores in town that offer better service and pricing. AZ Art has selection, give them that, but allI hear is how rude they are? Maybe focus some research on Jerrys or Utrecht next time before you sell out to the local guy.


I know you put some cheapest in here but as you know Phoenix is an expensive place housing alot of those of us who arent so well endowed financially. It would be AWESOME if you could put an exclusive "Phoenix's Cheapest" column, maybe start by checking out the 99 cent store on Cave Creek and Bell Rd. They are great and Im always looking for a bargain!