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BEST PLACE TO SEE A SPRING TRAINING GAME Phoenix 2005 - Peoria Sports Complex

Peoria Sports Complex

Peoria Sports Complex

16101 N. 83rd Ave.

Peoria, AZ 85382


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The Peoria Sports Complex is like a megaplex for baseball. Over here, you can watch Ichiro and the Seattle Mariners getting primed for the upcoming season. Over there, Khalil Greene and his Padres compadres are taking infield. And in most any direction, Padre and Mariner hopefuls are practicing some baseball fundamental on some gorgeous field under some beautiful springtime sky. What sets the Peoria Sports Complex apart, too, is parking and access to food. Yes, it's much like a shopping center. But there's a reason shopping centers are popular. You will find parking, you will be in your seat in 10 minutes, and you will have a menu in your hand within 15 minutes of the last out. Spring training games, and spring training afternoons, are supposed to be easy. In Peoria, they still can be.
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