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BEST SPRING DAY TRIP FOR THE FAMILY Phoenix 2005 - Picacho Peak State Park

Picacho Peak State Park

Picacho Peak State Park

off Interstate 10 exit 219

Picacho, AZ 85241


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Late February and early March is wildflower season in Arizona, something many locals had forgotten until the rains returned last winter, bringing the desert's incredible flowers this past spring.

One of the most spectacular shows of color, and one of the most easily accessed, is Picacho Peak State Park 60 miles south of Phoenix, which, if you didn't know, is that giant solitary mountain you nearly run into on your way to Tucson.

During peak wildflower season, drivers along I-10 have been known to stop along the freeway to gaze at the outbreak of Mexican gold poppies along the mount's eastern slope.

This isn't smart. Better to come into the state park and take one of several trails allowing you to stroll amid the yellow-orange meadows.

At which point you'll realize the poppies aren't alone. A host of other beautiful, albeit more subtle, flowers dot the historic peak throughout the spring.

The park is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The trails close at sunset.

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