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BEST WAY TO GET FROM SAN SALVADOR TO SARAJEVO IN UNDER 10 SECONDS Phoenix 2005 - The strip mall at 3411 West Northern Avenue

Screw the travel agent. In a tiny strip mall near 35th Avenue and Northern, you can go from San Salvador to Sarajevo in under 10 seconds, just by walking from Hugo's Salvadorean Restaurant on one end to Cafe Sarajevo on the other. At Hugo's, you'll wish you'd brought your Spanish phrasebook along, as you point out a plate of pork and bean pupusas for yourself and watch soccer on the small TV set in the corner of this humble yet clean enterprise. Then you can waddle over to Cafe Sarajevo for an entirely different experience: flat-screen TVs playing Slavic music videos; a freshly painted interior with Bosnian cityscapes drawn on the walls; groceries and soft drinks from the region for sale; and a menu that includes Bosnian or Turkish coffee and a sandwich stuffed with little sausages called cevapi and topped with onions, sour cream and ajvar, a condiment of eggplant and peppers. One trip to this strip mall, and already you're a world traveler. Who knew globetrotting could be so fattening?
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