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BEST YENTA Phoenix 2005 - Bonnie the Matchmaker

Her Web site doesn't provide hook-ups for the lovelorn, because Madame Matchmaker says the best way to meet your one true love is by exploiting her peculiar talent for tying people's knots. And if Bonnie Wills should maybe disdain online dating services, who are we to judge? She is, after all, responsible for hundreds of local marriages, and, if she happens to (God forbid) hook you up with the wrong person -- which she almost never does -- she'll go back and start over again, on her dime. This is matchmaking the old-fashioned way, with Bonnie interviewing prospective lover boys and gals, then arranging dinner dates that, she swears, more often than not result in true love. Losers and schlemiels? Not to worry when it's Bonnie doing the matchmaking -- she does criminal background checks on each client.

Mazel tov!

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Has anyone but me actually met this woman?! She's the most unkempt ill-mannered sloppy excuse for a professional I've ever had the misfortune to meet. Take my advice, if you choose to meet her, make it outside and downhill! Phew!!

It's called a toothbrush, Bonnie. Use it!


Before you make the same ugly mistake I did and throw away $2,000.00 on Bonnie the Matchmaker and her empty promises, check out my story at www.suingbonniethematchmaker.c....You and your wallet will be very very very glad you did.


Eight months ago I paid Bonnie Wills, aka Bonnie the Matchmaker, $2,000. What I received for that money was ONE DATE with someone almost 20 years older. By the way, Bonnie joined us. Yes, there were three of us on this "date". I've asked for a refund twice. Her response was to stop communicating with me. As much as I hate to do it, I've started to explore legal options. Bonnie may have been a good matchmaker once, but not anymore. Good luck to everyone out there, especially if you decide to give Bonnie your money.


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