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BEST ASIAN MARKET Phoenix 2006 - Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket

Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket

Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket

2025 N. Dobson Road

Chandler, AZ 85226


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Whether you're a world traveler, a cook, or just a curious soul, head to this enormous international grocery store for an in-town adventure filled with new sights and smells. Anchoring the northeast corner of the Valley's most bustling intersection of Asian culture (Dobson and Warner roads in Chandler), Lee Lee could almost be mistaken for a Safeway ? from the outside. Inside, it's a different story. Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines loom large in the incredible array of ethnic offerings, along with far-flung flavors from the Caribbean, India, Africa, and South America. Who cares if you can't read all of the labels? The exotic packaging is pure eye candy. You'll find entire aisles devoted to noodles and tea, drinks and cooking utensils. Seafood here is the freshest, most unusual selection around. Pick up some barracuda or blue-lipped parrot fish, or head to the tanks, where live tilapia peer back at you, their tiny mouths opening and closing in a silent chorus. With bunches of bok choy, bins of tiny Indian eggplant, and piles of sprouts and mint leaves, the produce department is a wonderland of veggies that's sure to inspire inventive cooking. But then again, displays of freshly prepared, ready-to-eat foods ? from colorful desserts to whole roasted duck ? might tempt you to abandon the kitchen and dig right in.
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this company and or person is not who they claim to be.i am having extreme troubles receiving my items which are PAID IN FULL. i keep getting the runaround with excuses and no answers.i received a tracking number that was for another client in a totally different city and then was told that i had probably been lying and had someone else pick up MY package when it didn't even have my name or address on it.they had the same info to pickup my payment via western union, but conviently put the wrong address on my i have requested a refund, which they say is possible on the the website (PLEASE SEE ABOVE STATEMENT FROM LINDA) "Our express agents are the most innovative & awesome ones here, they will lead you into a safe and fast shipping way ,make shipment facile. 6. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:If our goods was lost or something else, we can resend your goods asap , don't worry about that ,also if we can't delivery still, you can get refund from us. Sincerely Linda(Owner/General Manager) "that is a LIE. i paid 173usd and she is telling me either i take other items or i get a refund of 30usd is ridiculous and unprofessional.what really tipped me off about the scam is the fact that her company is on an antifraud site (which i only discovered too late). also when chatting with LINDA she even mentioned how 173usd was nothing to someone in my country but it was alot to someone in hers. we ALL work hard for what we get. no one throws money at me and it was quite rude and insensitive to say that. 173usd can buy alot of milk and diapers for my son.

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!if anyone can help me get a FULL refund...


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Jeremy Horne, Ph.D.
Jeremy Horne, Ph.D.

Previous by Jeremy Horne - It is "LEE LEE", and NOT "Le Lee". I can't prufreed worth a hoot.

Jeremy Horne, Ph.D.
Jeremy Horne, Ph.D.

The only problem is that we can't clone Lee Lees and export it to every location in the US. If you can't find it at Le Lee, you probably can get along better without it. Never have I seen such variety and quality in ANY supermarket in the world. I have been "around the block" a few times, and Le Lee trumps them all.

I wish the owners could be informed that their stores are wanted else where - like about 1000 locations or more in this country.

The service is PERFECT, and all the checkout personnel are super fast (good thing they don't work for the IRS when it wants to collect from you). Never have I had to wait in ANY line for more than 5 minutes.

You can use my name and e-mail as a reference. (Please don't forward my e-mail to the "outside".)

I LOVE LEE LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!