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BEST BLUEGRASS JAM Phoenix 2006 - Arcadia Bluegrass Jam at Mama Java's Coffeehouse

Brush up on some classic bluegrass, some low-down country blues, and bring out your inner hillbilly during the Arcadia Bluegrass Jam every Sunday night. Started in August 2004, the open bluegrass flat-pickin' session features a healthy mix of musicians equipped with acoustic guitars, banjos, bass, and violins in Mama Java's relaxed and sociable atmosphere. If the only thing you know how to pick is your nose, don't fret. The java and jams flow from 7 to 9 p.m., and admission is free. The jam is always accepting hot strummers and skilled vocalists of all levels, so bring a country-twanged ax and get pluckin'.
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Bud Martin
Bud Martin

I drove out last night and the place was closed? What a bummer.


Are they still having bluegrass nights at Mama Java's? What night?


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