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BEST CERAMIC STORE Phoenix 2006 - Marjon Ceramics

Marjon Ceramics

Marjon Ceramics

3434 W. Earll Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85017


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A trip around this under-the-radar west-side shop quickly puts those overpriced pottery stores scattered around the Valley into immediate and lesser perspective. You'll know a potter's truly devoted to ceramics if he or she mentions Marjon's. It's hard to imagine a better selection of pottery wheels, molds, bisque wear, glazes, and, of course, the magical clay itself. But this joint ain't just for pros. If, like us, you utterly lack talent and experience, fear not. Buy an already "fired" mold, glaze it on the spot, and the staff will stick it in a kiln for you. Or better yet, take it home and paint it at your leisure. The results are guaranteed to make you appear "artistic." Maybe.
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