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BEST CHICKS TO HAVE YOUR BACK IN A BRAWL Phoenix 2006 - Arizona Derby Dames

Suzy Homewrecker. Joan Threat. All the Way Mae. These are just a few of the elbow-slinging, body-banging babes in this all-woman roller-derby league, whose motto is "Live fast, die pretty." When they don't have their game faces on, the Dames are regular Janes ? with professions ranging from accountants to teachers ? but you'd best not try to snatch their pocketbooks if you value your gonads. The league includes three teams: the Coffin Draggers, the Brutal Beauties, and the Bombshells. For the most part, the Dames are fast friends as well as bitter foes. Says Homewrecker, "The Arizona Derby Dames promotes competition between determined, beautiful, unique, and, most of all, tough women." You go, grrls.
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Marci de Sade AZDD
Marci de Sade AZDD

You also have to take into consideration that AZDD is a new league just now wrapping up our 2nd season. Most of our skaters (including myself) have only been skating for a short while. As the league grows, so do all players abilities. With 5 years+ under their belts as a league (AZRD), I'm sure some are bound to be great skaters. AZDD puts on a first rate show as well as a high energy sporting event. No one stops till the scoreboard does. As far as AZRD packing a punch, they do not allow fighting between the girls. Who wants to watch rollerderby if no one is getting pissed off? Also AZDD games are inside a sporting facility. AZRD games are outside. I recommend that anyone interested in derby support ALL rollergirls. Go to every league's bouts! Others feel differently. If you haven't been to an AZDD bout recently, or ever for that matter, I highly suggest you attend the next one. Always a great time and friendly atmosphere.


I used to think the Derby Dames were where it was at till I went to an AZ Roller Derby bout in November. The Dames put on a great show, that's for sure, but the girls of AZ Roller Derby keep rollin till that final buzzer sounds. Apparently AZ Roller Derby is the oldest league in town, and it shows. There skaters like Denise Lightening an Helen Wheels seem to be much more well-trained and can pull off some killer moves. Check 'em both out, but I think you'll find the AZ Roller Derby bouts pack a lot more punch.


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