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BEST CHILE RELLENO Phoenix 2006 - Rosita's Place

Rosita\'s Place

Rosita's Place

2310 E. McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85006


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We're chile relleno hunters, and we've spent years seeking the perfect specimen. In our culinary travels, we've encountered numerous wanna-bes, from rellenos that required a chain saw to those that collapsed in an indigestible heap, like a baking pie in an artillery range. Splat. The unassuming little restaurante named Rosita's has the best we've come across north of the border: firm, but not too firm, liberally coated ? though not slathered ? in cheese, fluffy as a freshly groomed Pomeranian, tender as love's first blush. Rosita doesn't skimp on the fixings, and her prices are delectably low. On a recent visit, three of us ordered full meals ? plus a round of bottomless iced teas ? and walked out a mere $23 in the red. Our hats are off ? and our belts are loosened.
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Ted Tarby
Ted Tarby

I concur with Jim's comment. Add to that the fact that the Chiles Rellenos were themselves gloppy and insipid.

Winning this category seems to me to be the kiss of death for a Mexican restaurant.

Jon Bowers
Jon Bowers

This place used to be dependable for good Mexican food and service. However, the prices have increased in the past few months and the service and food moved in the opposite direction.

The free chips are now burned, and the free green and red salsa taste like water. The enchilada sauce tastes like Chef Boy Ardee made it. Much of the food is served gloppy, and except for the excessive use of salt, there is bland taste.

I tried a Margarita here once and it was watered down tequila. Let's hope the owners of this place wake up and make this place right again.