La Vida

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BEST COCHINITA PIBIL Phoenix 2006 - Asi Es La Vida

Asi Es La Vida

Asi Es La Vida

3602 N. 24th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85016


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Good thing we love Sonoran cuisine, because it dominates the menu at so many Mexican joints around these parts. But sometimes, for variety's sake, it's a thrill to get a taste of what lies a lot farther south of the border. In the case of Asi Es La Vida, we're talking about specialties from Mexico's central and southern regions. Everything we've tried at this intimate, whimsically decorated spot is delicious (and live musicians make meals extra memorable), but the cochinita pibil ? slow-roasted pork done up Yucat?n-style ? is outstanding. After one bite of this succulent dish, smothered in tangy, mildly spiced orange sauce, we decided we'll never settle for plain ol' carnitas again.
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