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BEST DIM SUM Phoenix 2006 - Golden Buddha - CLOSED

Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha

668 N. 44th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85008


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Pain, suffering, and punishment. That's the theology most of the world's major religions sell. Well, later for that cheese! We've decided to worship that corpulent, jolly "buddha" with a small "b" known as Jin Foo, Bu Dai, or Hotei. This smiling, big-eared mendicant with a belly like Homer Simpson's greets visitors to the Chinese Cultural Center's Golden Buddha restaurant, where we like to pay homage by snarfing loads of dim sum, the best in the Valley by far. As you sit, servers race around you with gleaming steel carts, asking if you'd like to sample their wares, everything from steamed pork buns and shrimp dumplings to more exotic eats like beef tripe and barbecued jellyfish. For the fearless, there are fried chicken feet, and for the fearful, huge slices of eggy cake. Now, isn't this more fun than singing hymns in Sunday school? It's the only religion where being fat and happy is the mark of a true believer.
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Cisco Kid
Cisco Kid

I went yesterday, Thursday at 11:30. I was seated in a dark area even though I asked to be seated near the windows where there were empty tables. I was told those tables are reserved for 4 diners not 2 like us. I had to tell the waiter twice to leave our plates only that we were still eating. The room manager watch us the whole time giving us dirty looks because we were chatting. Only 3 carts were seen and not very often. Only steamed choices. No won tons or other fried selections or meats were seen. I was never asked if I needed anything. The waiters were mute, never said a word the whole meal. I noticed the oriental diners at the 2 tables next to us were treated much nicer than we were. I will never come here again. Dim sum means "touch of the heart" well there was no "heart" at the Golden Buddha restaurant in the Phoenix Cultural center for this disappointed diner and his out of town guest.