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BEST DOG PARK, NORTH PHOENIX Phoenix 2006 - PETsMART Dog Park at Washington Park

If you could see into your dog's dreams, there would be a huge grass lot for running, tons of toys, a never-ending water supply, and maybe a sexy little companion. This one's got it all. The 2.65-acre bark park includes water fountains and benches for owners, plus doggie watering stations and free mitt-mutts for scooping up Fido's little surprises. There are always some extra Frisbees and rope toys lying around, so he's sure to get a lot of exercise. High fences and double-entry gates ensure your pet and his new friends will stay put inside the complex. The socialization doesn't stop with Fido. He may very well find puppy love, but single owners are likely to find a human companion, too. And you can be guaranteed he or she won't mind a little dog hair on the couch!
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