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BEST EXTREME MAKEOVER ON A TEDDY BEAR Phoenix 2006 - "Ursidae Anaplasty"

Textile taxidermist Tara Logsdon engages in some fuzzy haps when she goes to town on her furry patients during "Ursidae Anaplasty" ? Latin for "Bear Plastic Surgery." The Holgas resident artist scours Valley thrift stores and rescues teddies that are in grave need of physical and psychological repair. From there, the surgeon employs needle-busting hand-stitching techniques and repairs dismembered appendages using recycled material from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Burberry products. Logsdon rarely performs the surgeries outside of her home studio, but when she does venture to various downtown art spaces, singing nurses provide emotional support and DJs supply post-surgery anesthesia with tight booty-shaking beats. The body-modified bears are available for purchase, but must go to a good home ? doctor's orders. And that's not the only thing that Doc Logsdon prescribes ? she also writes prescriptions to humans (the freaks on Extreme Makeover, for example) who are extremely desperate.
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Judi Rice Maca
Judi Rice Maca

I'm searching for someone to repair a 60 year old teddy and was wondering if there's a way to contact Tara Logsdon? I don't see anything on the www as far as an email, snailmail, website or anything of the like. Would appreciate any input.

Thanks so much,Judi