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BEST FINDINGS Phoenix 2006 - S II Findings

If you actually know what the term "findings" means, then you've come to the right category ? because our guess is that many of you won't, even if you've delved into the world of beading. It took us months before we figured out the term; we were too busy buying beads ? at gem shows, bead shops, on eBay. Then one day we realized we had pounds of beads, but no way to wear them. That's where findings come in ? clasps, wire, loops, tools ? all the stuff you use to make the stuff you wear. S II only sells wholesale, so you've gotta be hard-core (or, like us, have a friend who is), but trust us ? it's worth it for the friendly service, wide selection and great prices. And finally, you'll be able to display those cool vintage Czech buttons you bought in the middle of the night online last winter.
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