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BEST GARDEN OF EDEN IN THE DESERT Phoenix 2006 - The Wright House

The Wright House

The Wright House

636 W. University Drive

Mesa, AZ 85201


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Phoenix summers are hell. By August, the only flowers left alive in this town are on night-blooming cactuses. Wright House proprietors Peggy and Michael Wright must have made a pact with Satan's gardener, because somehow their lush landscaping manages to stay green and flowering nearly all year. The property houses three buildings ? a historic cottage house, an English ballroom and a recently added French villa ? that can be rented for weddings, special occasions and private parties. Wrought-iron fences and delicate gazebos are covered with ivy and fragrant jasmine. Stone walkways snake through country gardens planted with roses and perennials bursting in vibrant shades of fuchsia, pink and saffron. The best part? There's not one goddamned cactus on the lot.
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